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A Smattering of Literary Mags on Twitter

Lit mags, so I am learning, have been on Twitter for quite a while, offering the latest submissions and publication info, as well as links to their essays, stories, poems, and interviews. Here’s a small sampling:

The Black Warrior Review




The Iowa ReviewThe Iowa Review


The Kenyon Review


Ninth Letter


The Normal School




Southeast Review


Third Coast


Tin House








The Review Review’s Take on Literary Journals and Magazines

If you’d like insight into literary magazines, you might be interested in The Review Review: an online journal that reviews literary journals and magazines.  The Review also has interviews and insight into the path to publication, as in this interview with Beth Staples, the Hayden’s Ferry Review editor.  An excerpt:

What is your favorite kind of submission to HFR?

Is “a really great one” not specific enough? Gosh, I don’t know. That’s the thing. We’re waiting for it, every second. If I could describe it already, it wouldn’t be great. Also, we love writers who haven’t been published much (or at all). Almost everything we publish is unsolicited, and nothing is more exciting than finding a voice you haven’t heard before. And then writing to the writer to tell them how great they are.