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Summer Travel Interviews and Readings: Richard Ford

Richard Ford, Pulitzer Prize winner and author of The Sportswriter, the wonderful novel that first introduced us to Frank Bascombe, is bringing Frank back in a new book, Let Me Be Frank with You, to be released later this year.  In this interview with PBS’s Jeffrey Brown, Ford discusses writing his Bascombe novels, reads from the new book, and tells a wonderful Raymond Carver anecdote.  If you’re traveling and you’d like to add a little depth to your highway-skyway miles, settle into for an interesting discussion of story making.


Summer Travel Interviews and Stories: Saul Bellow

This is the first in a series of travel interviews and stories by American masters I will post this summer. If you’re traveling, and you’d like to add a little entertainment and insight to your highway-skyway miles, you might be interested in listening to one of these interviews or stories. First up, Saul Bellow. From critics to crafting sentences, from philosophy to jokes, and from winning the Nobel Prize to the marvelous and exhilarating experience of living on this earth, Bellow offers his thoughts and views.