Teaching Workshops

Higher Education Consultation and Professional Development

Mission Statement: I offer workshops  that focus on learner-centered strategies that improve student motivation, learning, and retention.

My workshops cater to the need of the particular college, discipline, or department, focusing on such topics as student engagement, instructor facilitation, and mentoring.

Professional Bio: I have taught at the college level since 1987, and at Brevard Community College since 1994.  As the Coordinator of BCC’s College Success Team, I have overseen the growth in the College Success Program, the professional development for its instructors, and the strong contribution of BCC’s student-life-skills course to student academic success and retention.  I have conducted numerous workshops on learner-centered teaching, mentoring, classroom facilitation, and life skills, both for BCC and for conferences and workshops across the country.  For the past five years, I have coordinated the BCC Success Conference, an annual in-house professional development event with the motto “For us, by us.”  In 2008, I was honored with BCC’s Distinguished Educator of the Year Award and a NISOD Teaching Excellence Award.

Contact: mmcbride@cfl.rr.com


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