About Me

I am Mark McBride, a native-born Floridian, ex-surfer, sometimes fisherman, private acoustic guitar player, husband, father, brother, friend, teacher, slow reader, music lover, butterfly garden connoisseur, cook, annoying jokester, lover of cats, aging child with bad knees and slowly failing eyes, who likes to write and talk writing. I learned about my craft from the enormously patient William Slaughter, my first lit and creative writing teacher, and then folks like Harry Crews, William Logan, Marjorie Sandor, Louise Shivers, Padgett Powell, Janet Burroway and Caroline Leavitt. I suppose I like to write because I want to better understand life, and I want to share it with others.  I don’t want to be the only person who sees the rainbow or the car wreck–if that makes sense–and I want to fully experience it and, then, understand it, once it has happened.


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