Literary Journals Thrive

We don ‘t know many of the writers in literary journals, but that doesn’t mean one day we won’t.  Literary journals are where many new writers go to practice their craft and wait to be discovered.   Our nation’s best writers first published in literary journals.  Fortunately for us, these small non-profit magazines, unlike the economy, are doing fine.  Read Reyhan Harmanci’s New York Times article “Literary Journals Thrive, on Paper and Otherwise.”


4 responses to “Literary Journals Thrive

  1. Really? I didn’t know that! I look forward to reading that article this week. Can you recommend any quality, online writer’s workshops? Preferably free, a critique for a critique?

  2. Oops, the links doesn’t work!

  3. Thank you for telling me about the link.

    I don’t really know of online workshops that are free. But I do know they’re out there. I’m thinking Google and look around. The UCLA Writer’s Program offers wonderful workshops in every genre; I definitely recommend it. It cost money, though.

  4. Thank you, I bookmarked the article and I will look into the UCLA Writer’s Program.

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