Time Magazine’s All Time Top 100 Novels

Other than a few omissions, this is one of the best all-time novel reading lists I’ve come across.  Not only does it give the title, but a concise description of what makes each story unique.  How many have you read?


3 responses to “Time Magazine’s All Time Top 100 Novels

  1. Wow, I’m surprised I’ve only read 10 of the books on this list! I’m an avid reader, and consider myself well read, in general. I think I’ll go back through the list and add some more to my GoodReads shelf. Thanks for sharing the list.

  2. That’s a fine position to be in because you have a lot of amazing reading ahead of you still. I wonder which one you’ll choose to read first.

  3. I’d actually like to read The Lord of the Rings and I’ve never read One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, but feel like I should have, so that’s definitely on the list. I have to get through the 20+ books on my shelf waiting to be read before my husband will give me another book allowance though.

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