The American Poetry Review

When I was younger, I was a regular reader of the American Poetry Review, one of the most widely circulated poetry magazines ever.  In it, you’ll find writing from the top poets around the world: not just poems but interviews and literary essays.  Robert Hass, Bob Hicok, Stephen Dunn, Sharon Olds, Galway Kinnell, Federico Garcia Lorca, Lucia Perillo, Tess Gallagher, Hayden Carruth, Jorie Graham, Stanley Plumly, and on and on and on.   It’s a print magazine, but the website highlights a few poems in each issue (and be sure to check the back issues).  For example, Michael Ryan’s “The Dog,” which begins like this:

The neighbors’ baby died age one month
so they’re off to Big Sur “to celebrate her life”
and I stupidly agreed to feed their dog—
a twelve year old wire-haired mix, half blind,
half dead itself, its gum lines receded to a rictus grin.

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