Will Literary Journals Survive the Internet–YES!

In “17 Literary Journals that Might Survive the Internet,” Anis Shivani takes a look at the value of literary journals and how the Internet is affecting them.  Shivani writes:

Literary journals are one of America’s most precious institutions.  Emerging writers typically make their mark first in the literary journals.  Unlike commercial publishers, literary journals tend to push the boundaries of writing, and don’t get as carried away by literary fashions. Their long perspective is indispensable in maintaining a necessary balance.  We have more of them in this country than probably the rest of the world combined.  Some of them have maintained stellar reputations for decades, while new ones, adventurous and refreshing, crop up every day.

Are literary journals surviving the Internet?  I think so.  In fact, I think we are at the beginning wave of a proliferation of online journals—which means more places for us to publish.  True, we would rather publish in a print journal of high caliber rather than some fly-by-night online journal, but still, even the best print literary journals have readerships around 5000 while if you publish on the internet, there’s no telling how many will read your work.  It’s literally open to the world.  I like those odds.


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