Where Novels Come From: Maddie Dawson’s Story

Author Maddie Dawson writes about the genesis of her forthcoming novel, the stuff that never happened.  Maddie says of novel writing:

Nobody knows for sure where novels come from. I happen to believe they assemble themselves all on their own, haphazardly picking up little observations here and there and then smooshing them all together, like a big, out-of-control jambalaya recipe. You know how it is: your sister’s rough-and-ready laugh merges with the song playing on the radio, (which reminds you of your sixteenth birthday party), and then somehow joins up with a story you overheard the Starbucks barista telling about her ex-husband moving out of their apartment and taking everything with him, even the light bulbs in their sockets.

To read about where the idea of her soon-to-be-published novel came from, check out the the rest of what Maddie says on Caroline Leavitt’s blog.


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