Audio of William Faulkner Talking with College Students

William Faulkner tells a group of college students and their professors,

I think a writer writes from three sources. One is his own personal experience, which would include, of course, the books he reads, has read, his observation, and his imagination. I doubt if he himself can say just how much of each source he has drawn from for this particular page or story or book.

Faulkner wrote over 20 books of fiction, received the Nobel Prize for Literature, two Pulitzer Prizes and two National Book Awards.  He is so esteemed, even Flannery O’Conner said, “the presence alone of Faulkner in our midst makes a great difference in what the writer can and cannot permit himself to do. Nobody wants his mule and wagon stalled on the same track the Dixie Limited is roaring down.” Faulkner was a generous storyteller, dedicating nearly his every moment to his work. Fortunately for us, he was also generous to other writers, which we can now hear in the audio recordings of Faulkner, who was the Writer-in-Residence at the University of Virginia in 1957-58.


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