Getting Ready to Write

I am a lazy writer, one caught up in family, work, and laying on the couch watching Law and Order: Criminal Intent re-runs or playing my guitar or surfing the web or any other thing I can think of other than write.  But I can feel my writing time is about to come.  I just finished a big project at work, and I’m starting to have time to do other things.  I’ve been thinking about poems.  There’s a poet, Rodney Jones, that I discovered at How a Poem Happens, a blog by Brian Brodeur in which he posts a poem and then an interview by the poet on how the poem was written.  Anyway, I’d not heard of Rodney Jones before, and I really liked his poem, “Ground Sense.”  And now it’s got me thinking.  I copied it to a Word doc, and I’m reading it over and over, thinking it’s going to take me into my own ideas, my own poem.

But I’m thinking of other ideas, too.  I have a short story called “Lacy” that I’ve had around for so long.  I love the story, and others (editors) have liked parts of it, but I’ve never found a home for it.  So I was looking at Lit journals and I think I want to send it to the Los Angeles Review. But before I do, I want to go through it again and test it to some recent narrative ideas I’ve learned about.

Then there’s my novel rewrite that I’m planning for this summer.  I had time a few weeks ago to rework the intro, and, as usual, once I was inside the story I didn’t want to let it go.  I’ve been reading What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and Lord of the Flies, and both have me thinking about my novel, and kids at that shifting age of fourteen when the world suddenly flashes serious.

And there are other ideas out there….old poems to toy with, experiences that prompt me onto the keyboard.  But for now, I’ll keep waiting.  My time will come.


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